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Self-service Application for Certificate of Personal Data

Eligible applicants must fulfill the following criteria*:
- Aged 18 or above
- Holding a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card

Payment Method:
Union Pay “QuickPass”and Macau Pass are accepted for payment.

*Please note that:
This service is not applicable to persons who need to apply for the certificate of kinship, the certificate of having no children in Macao, the certificate of document authentication or the certificate for proving other identification documents which had ever been held or submitted by the applicants. Besides, the self-service kiosks are not applicable to applicants under the following conditions. They are required to obtain a number tag and lodge their applicants at traditional service counters.

  1. Below the age of 18
  2. Macao SAR Resident Identity Card is expired
  3. Renewing Macao SAR Resident Identity Card
  4. Persons who are modifying personal data (such as data on card face, marital status, parents’ names etc)
  5. An interdicted or quasi-interdicted person
Please click this link for the location of the kiosks

Demonstration Video

Last Updated: 20/09/2019


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