Cessation of Issue of Hong Kong
		Multiple Visit Permits for Macao Residents

  The Immigration Department announced the days before that, with effect
from 1 April 2000, the Department will cease issuing Hong Kong Multiple
Visit Permit for Macao residents, and those which are still valid may
continue to be used until their expiry.

  Hong Kong Multiple Visit Permits are issued by the Immigration Department
to Macao residents of Chinese nationality who hold a Macao Resident Identity
Card for two years or longer and cannot obtain any other travel document for
visiting Hong Kong. Holders of these permits may visit Hong Kong for a stay
of 14 days. Since starting from the Macao reunification on 20 December 1999,
the same category of persons may obtain from the Identification Department
of Macao Visit Permits for Residents of Macao to the HKSAR which accord them
same entry arrangements to Hong Kong, the Identification Department believe
that the cessation of issue of Hong Kong Multiple Visit Permits for Macao
Residents will not affect Macao Residents travelling to Hong Kong.