Press Announcement
				10 April 2000
The Identification Department of the Government of the Macao SAR, after having
confirmed with the Australian Consulate General of Hong Kong SAR, wishes to
inform the public of Macao the following:

1.  From 1 May 2000, Australian visas will not be issued in Portuguese Aliens
    Passports. In order to apply for visas to Australia, holders of PAP should
    obtain the Macao SAR Passport or Macao SAR Travel Permit. If they are
    ineligible for the Macao SAR travel documents, they should obtain the travel
    documents from their appropriate national authority.

2.  PAP containing valid Australian visa will continue to be accepted by the
    Australian authorities for travel to Australia until the expiry of the PAP.

3.  Holders of the Macao SAR travel document must obtain a visa prior to entering

    However, if they previously held a PAP which contains a valid Australian visa,
    regardless of its type, they may enter Australia by showing to the immigration
    officers both the Macao SAR travel document and the void PAP. Alternatively,
    for their convenience, they may prefer to request the Australian visa office
    to re-evident the visa in the PAP to the Macao SAR travel document. This re-
    evidence of visa is free of charge.