28 July 2000

   The Identification Department of the Government of the Macao SAR was informed
by the Consulate General of Malaysia in Hong Kong that, with immediate effect,
holders of the following travel documents are granted visa free access to Malaysia
for the purpose of visiting relatives, tourism and business:

   	Macao Special Administrative Region Passport - thirty (30) days;
   	Macao Special Administrative Region Travel Permit - fourteen (14) days;
	Portuguese Aliens Passport (Passaporte para Estrangeiro) - fourteen (14) days.

   The Consulate General and the Identification Department hope that granting visa
free access to the holders of the above travel documents, will further promote
business, social and tourism ties between Malaysia and MSAR.

   Malaysia is the first country granting visa free access to the holders of the
Macao SAR Travel Permit.

   Passport holders of Malaysia have been able to enter the Macao SAR without a
visa for twenty days.