Britain Grants Visa-free Access to Macao SAR Passport Holders

  The Government of the Macao SAR was informed by the British 
Consulate-General in Hong Kong that, effective from 17 April 2002, 
holders of the Macao SAR Passports are granted visa-free access to 
enter the United Kingdom and stay for up to six months. In addition, 
holders of the Macao SAR passports are exempted from Direct Airside 
Transit Visa (DATV) for journeys that involve transit in the UK as 
from today.

  Nationals of the United Kingdom have been able to enter the Macao 
SAR without a visa.  

  The Government of the Macao SAR and the Government of the United 
Kingdom hope that mutual exemption of visa requirements will further 
promote bilateral ties of business, trade and tourism.