Seychelles Grants Visa-free Access to Holders of
Macao SAR Passport and Macao SAR Travel Permit

 	The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of 
  	Seychelles, Mr. Patrick Pillay, announced on 23 February 2007 that the government
  	of the Republic of Seychelles has agreed to grant visa free access to holders of
  	the Macao SAR Passport and Travel Permit for a stay of maximum 30 days.

	The above-mentioned arrangement has been effective from 23 February 2007.

	Presently, a total of 75 countries and territories have already agreed to grant
	visa-free access or visa-on-arrival to the Macao SAR Passport holders, including
	58 countries and 15 territories with mutual visa exemption, and 2 countries with
	visa upon arrival. There are 8 countries granting visa-free access to the Macao 
	SAR Travel Permit holders.