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Online Application for Travel Documents


Notes on Online Application for Travel Documents

  • The online service is applicable to the first-time application or renewal of travel documents in nine months before the expiry date;
  • Applicants have to log in to the “Macao One Account” to lodge the application;
  • Applicants who cannot pass the facial recognition will not be allowed to apply for travel documents online;
  • In the application process, applicants have to choose the photo which is qualified for identification documents from “My Photo” in the “Macao One Account” (please refer to the list of participating photography studios in the “Macao One Account”), or scan the QR code on the “Receipt of the Digital Photo for Online Application for the Macao SAR Travel Document” provided by the designated photography studio.The photo has to be taken within the last 6 months. (Note: In order to avoid hindrance when using the travel document, DSI will request the applicant to submit additional photo if the photo provided does not meet the specified requirements.) ;
  • Applicants have to agree to use the Macau SAR Identity Card image stored in the Identification Services Bureau for lodging the application;
  • According to the regulation, applicants shall sign according to the signatures on their identity cards;
  • Applicants aged 18 or above are required to collect their documents at the DSI Service Station in person.
  • Notes to applicants under 18 years old
    • The application has to be lodged by using the “Macao One Account” of the applicant’s father, mother or guardians;
    • The service is only applicable to applicants who reached 5 years old or above on the latest issuance date on the Macao Resident Identity Card. In addition, if there is a significant change in the underage applicant’s appearance, he/she may not be able to pass the facial recognition;
    • Both parents or guardians are required to conduct facial recognition;
    • The document must be collected by the applicant's parent or guardian.

Circumstances under which online application for travel document is not applicable:

  • The Macao Resident Identity Card has expired (excluding those who are in the process of renewing their identity card);
  • Interdicted person or quasi-interdicted person;
  • Application for travel document due to loss or damage of document;
  • The parent or guardian of the underage applicant does not hold a Macao Resident Identity Card.

Payment Method:
Online payment.

Required documents for online application:

  1. The applicant's original travel document (in case of document renewal);
  2. A photo that is qualified for identification documents has been uploaded to "My Photo" of the "Macao One Account", or the QR code of the "receipt of digital photo for online application for Macao SAR travel documents" for scanning in the application process.


Download and install the “Macao One Account” mobile application

Last Updated: 23/05/2022

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