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Sound Assist:

Telephone: 83940890/83940542/83940563
Fax: 28374300
Postal Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, nº804, Edificio “China Plaza”, 1º andar, Macau.
Suggestion Box: You may drop your suggestion form into the suggestion box at the Identification Services Bureau on 1st floor of China Plaza (within office hours)


  • ŸOffice Hours
    Monday to Thursday 9:00-13:00, 14:30-17:45
    Friday 9:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30
    (Except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
  • Provision of personal data is on a voluntary basis. In accordance with the stipulations of Article 21 (2) of Decree No. 5/98/M of 2 February, the information provided by anonymous persons will be disposed.
    Ÿ Pursuant to the stipulations of Article 21 (3) of the abovementioned Decree, the Identification Services Bureau will reply in 45 days from the day of receiving the suggestion, complaint or objection. If longer time is needed for this Bureau to prepare the reply, this Bureau will explain to the concerned individual and give an expected date of reply.
  • Personal Data Collection Statement
    1. Personal data provided by individuals to this Bureau will only be used for the purpose which is directly related to the complaints, objections and suggestions.
    2. Only if there is a need when handling the suggestion, complaint or objection, the relevant personal data may be transferred to the respondent and individuals or organizations which we need to contact for following up the concerned case. Subject to the need of the lawsuit, the relevant personal data may also be transferred to the police or judiciary authorities.
    3. Pursuant to the stipulations of Article 11 of Decree No. 8/2005 (Personal Data Protection Act), the concerned individuals have the right to write to apply for reading, correcting or updating their personal data archived in this Bureau.
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