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(From 2011-01-03)


Information & Appointment:
(853) 28370777
(853) 28370888
24-Hour Overseas Emergency Service Hotline : (853)2857-3333
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In order to remind applicants to proceed to the designated service counter, citizens who have made an appointment can register and obtain an electronic pager at the Ticketing and Service Counter or Information Counter.


Identification Services Bureau Introduces Self-Service for Macao SAR Travel Permit Application


Identification Services Bureau Introduces Electronic Pagers to Facilitate Application Process for Citizens


Identification Services Bureau Introduces Online Ticketing Service for “Tag Number of the Day”


Identification Services Bureau Installed Additional Self-Service Kiosks for Permanent Resident Identity Card Renewal and Special Administrative Region Passport Application at Government Services Centre


Montserrat Grants Visa-free Access to the Holders of Macao SAR Passport


New Zealand grants visa-free access to holders of Macao SAR Passport


Macao SAR Passport Holders are Eligible for Online Visitor Visa Application on Australian Government’s Website


The Republic of Moldova Grants Visa-free Access to the Holders of Macao SAR Passport
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For comments, suggestions and complaints hotline:
Office hour: (853) 83940553
  (853) 83940542
  (853) 83940563
Non office hour: (853) 28370777
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