To comply with the development of e-government, according to Law No. 11/2023 "Amendments to Law No. 8/2002 ‘Macao Special Administrative Region Resident Identity Card System’" will come into effect on 30 June 2023, the SAR Government has launched a new electronic identity verification method - Electronic Identity, as an auxiliary application for Macao resident identity card. Residents can bind their electronic identity through their mobile devices on the Macao One Account and use it to access services provided by public or private institutions.



Individuals holding Macao SAR Resident Identity Card are eligible to bind their electronic identity through their Macao One Account.

2)Electronic identification style (see Picture 1 and Picture 2)

(Picture 1)

(Picture 2)

3)How to bind

  1. Electronic identity can only be bound to one mobile device, but one mobile device can bind multiple electronic identities (for example, one's own and his/her multiple children). The binding methods are as follows:
    • Residents aged 18 or above can bind their electronic identities by selecting “Electronic Identity” under the category of “Identity” of “My Cards”, and via the facial recognition through the Macao One Account.
    • For residents aged under 18, one of the parents or guardians can log in to the minor's Macao One Account on any mobile device and bind the electronic identity through facial recognition.
    • If you cannot bind the electronic identity through facial recognition in Macao One Account (such as twins or multiples), you need to go through the formalities at integrated self-service kiosks with your identity card (parent/guardian’s identity card is needed in case of binding the electronic identity of underage person), a number generated in Macao One Account (see Picture 3) and conduct fingerprint verification. For the locations of self-service kiosks, please click here.

    (Picture 3)

  2. Re-binding
    If residents replace or lose their mobile devices, they have to re-bind their electronic identities. Once the electronic identity is re-bound on another mobile device, it will be automatically cancelled on the previous device.

4)How to use

  1. Public departments
  2. Residents may present the electronic identity when accessing services at public departments. In addition, with the resident's consent, government departments may obtain the personal information required for the service through data exchange after the electronic identity has been presented offline and the QR code has been scanned and verified. For the information of public departments and private institutions that can verify electronic identities, please refer to the list of service items.

  3. Border Crossing
  4. Residents should bind their electronic identities to their Macao One Account. Before entering the manual counter or the gate of the self-service clearance channels, residents need to open "My border crossing" (see Picture 4) in the Macao One Account on their mobile devices and generate "My border crossing" QR code (see Picture 5). Residents can then scan the QR code on the gate scanner. After fingerprint verification, residents can pass through the gate.

    (Picture 4)

    (Picture 5)

    If a minor's electronic identity is bound to one of the parents’ or guardians' mobile device, they can pass through the gate together by swiping the corresponding QR code on the "My border crossing" interface. (see Picture 6)

    (Picture 6)

  5. Private institutions

    (1) Online Services
    Residents present their electronic identities when going through procedures at the reception counter of a private institution (such as a bank), press the "Scan QR code to provide information" button (see Picture 7), scan the QR code of the institution, undergo facial recognition, and generate an exclusive QR code on their mobile devices. Private institutions can then scan the resident's exclusive QR code to access the information.

    (2) Counter Services
    Using the electronic identity binding technology, with the resident's consent, through facial recognition, his/her identity can be confirmed and personal information can be provided to private institutions.

    (Picture 7)

    (3) Healthcare Voucher (Effective from 1st August 2023)
    Residents can present the Electronic Identity when using healthcare vouchers in medical institutions. The relevant medical institutions scan the QR code of the Electronic Identity and enter the amount to be deducted. Residents will immediately receive a message through the Macau One Account notifying them of the amount to be deducted and the remaining balance.

    (4) Continuing Education Development Plan
    Residents can apply for courses and sign in with the Electronic Identity at institutions that have participated in the Continuing Education Development Plan.

5)Electronic identity status

The electronic identity will become invalid under the following circumstances:
  1. The Macao SAR Resident Identity Card has expired (see Picture 8)
  2. (Picture 8)

    Note: After collecting a new identity card, a reminder will be prompted when the cardholder opens the electronic identity again. After pressing the "Confirm" button, the process of updating the electronic identity information will be completed. (see Picture 9)

    (Picture 9)

  3. The Macao SAR Resident Identity Card has been cancelled or the cardholder has passed away (see Picture 10 and Picture 11)
  4. (Picture 10)

    (Picture 11)

  5. The cardholder reports the loss of the identity card to the Public Security Police Force or applies for a replacement identity card at the Identification Services Bureau(see Picture 12)
  6. (Picture 12)
    Note: If the cardholder has retrieved the lost identity card and reported its recovery to the Public Security Police Force or cancelled the application for a replacement card at the Identification Services Bureau in person, the electronic identity will return to normal use on the next working day.


In case of lost or replaced mobile device, residents may unbind their electronic identities by the following ways:


9)Promotional/ Tutorial Video

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10)List of service items

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