Travel convenience privilege for holders of the Macao SAR Passport and Travel Permit


Please note that due to the development of the Novel Coronavirus Infection, some countries or regions have recently imposed different entry restrictions or anti-pandemic measures to persons who have been to Mainland China or regions of Hong Kong or Macao in the previous 14 days. Therefore, holders of the Macao Special Administrative Region Passport or the Macao Special Administrative Region Travel Permit should inquire the embassy or consular missions of the destination country or region in Macao or nearby regions about the latest information and relevant measures prior to their travel, so as to make proper preparation before departure.

Visa free access/ visa-on-arrival E-visa/ online visa application Automated immigration clearance

Download full list of visa-free access or visa-on-arrival for Macao SAR Passport or Travel Permit (PDF)

Download full list of electronic visa or online visa application arrangement for holders of Macao SAR Passport (PDF)

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