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Guidelines for using the PIN of the Macao SAR Resident Identity Card


1. The Ordinary PIN

  • The Ordinary PIN consists of 6 numbers. It is used to access personal information stored in the chip of the resident identity card including:
  • The alias used in the former Resident Identity Card;
  • Parents’ names and their alias used in former Resident Identity Cards;
  • Marital status;
  • If the cardholder is under the restrictions of temporary residence permit, it is represented by the letter “T”;
    Others (i.e. data stored in the chip of the BIR which is not used for identification purposes, but for public interest and at the discretion of the cardholder.)
     Note: The visible data on the Resident Identity Card stored in the chip of the BIR (including card number, date of first issue, date of issue, validity date, name of the cardholder, date of birth, height, place of birth, sex code, appearance and type of the Macao SAR Resident Identity Card) can be accessed without entering the Ordinary PIN.

2. The Confirmation PIN
The Confirmation PIN consists of 8 numbers. It is used to confirm the authenticity of the Macao SAR Resident Identity Card and cardholder’s identity electronically.  For example, cardholders will be asked to enter their Confirmation PIN for the confirmation of cards’ authenticity and holders’ identity upon the request from government departments, public organizations, banks or private organizations.
 Note: The Confirmation PIN is not related to access to the visible data stored on the chip or the information retrieved by the Ordinary PIN.

3. Attentions:

  • Change of PIN can be made at this Bureau in person;
  • If PIN is entered incorrectly for 3 times, the chip of the Macao SAR Resident Identity Card will be blocked and the cardholder must proceed to this
  • Bureau to have the chip unlocked in person.
  • Please remember that the PIN is for personal use only.  To avoid involuntary disclosure of personal information, the PIN should never be revealed to others.  The PIN of under-aged cardholders can be used by their parents or guardians.  Also, the PIN of pre-interdicted or interdicted persons can be used by their guardians or guarantors.
4. This Bureau will announce to the public through media or website before launching services which is PIN-required.


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